About us

The Canadian Marketing Company (CMC) has developed a web portal & mobile applications for its One-O-one Corporate Services Network. Basically, the focus is on education while providing opportunity for users to participate in social activities, get the professional support and make some earnings also. Hence, the One-O-One is based on Education, Clubs & Support Services.


1. To setup a repository of On-line Courses & Educational Material for the development & support of young generation.

2. To provide online interaction facility for counseling, guiding, coaching and mentoring sessions between learners and academicians, researchers, social leaders, technicians, etc. so that knowledge and experience is passed onto the next generations.

3. To provide the services of Advertising, Branding, Content writing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing Mobile Apps & Web development, Social Media Management, Tutoring, Recruiting, Funding, Immigration & Settlement services, Renting, Selling, Socializing & Support Services.